About Us

Amazon Health is also providing dental services under a program called Amazon Dental.  We organized yearly grassroots volunteer trips to the Amazon rainforest of Peru and worked with over 30 towns and communities along the Amazon and Napa rivers south of the city of Iquitos.  In the initial five years, we delivered dental services to thousands of children in these communities and trained an indigenous local person to deliver emergency dental treatments.

In 2008 and 2009, we expanded into medical services, treated over 800 medical patients, provided tuition assistance for a local student to attend the Dental University at Iquitos, funded the creation of a community clinic at Urco Mirañu (which has now been completed), and empowered this community to decrease its malaria rate from 96% to a single patient.  In 2010, given our growth and expanding focus, we separated and have just received official tax exempt status under the name “Amazon Health Project” in February 2011.